Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Grove Ferry NNR - Kent

With the reappearance of the Black-winged Pratincole I headed straight there from Paul's and was at 'The Mound' at 2.50pm sadly the bird had flown off at 2.40pm! Brilliant! I decided to wait on the mound as it seemed to be doing laps. At 4.35pm it was then reported at Collared's Lake. So a mad 10 min drive in convoy down tiny little lanes ensued. Sadly there was no sign of the bird here either....the light was starting to go by now already so I decided to leave the others at Collared's and head back to Grove Ferry in the hope it might roost at Marsh Hide.

Sure enough as I was walking to Marsh Hide I passed a lady who said it was showing in the Marsh Hide NOW! A mad dash followed but it was well worth it as 3 of us had the bird to ourselves for c15 mins both on the deck and in flight. Stunning bird and my 4th Mega of the year!

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