Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dungeness Lighthouse

On route to Dungeness had several Black Terns at Scotney GP but wanted to get to Dunge to geta few lifers! Eventually got to Dungeness and immediately saw the Melodious Warbler. As soon as I got out the car I could hear it singing and I enjoyed good views of the bird in a small birch and skulking around in a pine.

Then decided to have a look for the Subalpine Warbler as that was what I had come for initially. It hadn't been seen for 30 mins so I had a long walk around all the scrub but to no avail. Matt then arrived and I had just heard there was an Icterine Warbler at Southview Cottage! Amazing news! So we headed there and it was in full song on arrival. A poor record shot is attached.

We then headed back to the Subalpine site, had another mooch about but no sign, we were just getting in our cars when we saw a few guys running! Sure enough it was the Subalp....showed well eventually in Broom. Three awesome ticks within 500yds of each other!

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