Saturday, 10 April 2010

Warnham LNR Heron Ringing

Grey Heron pulli
The first colour-ringed bird!

Sam finally got permission and the rings to go ahead with the colour-ringing project on the Warnham LNR Heronry which we started today. With the help of Tree-climber Gary and Photographer Sue we managed to get up to nearly half of the twenty nests. We colour-ringed 10 in total so keep your eyes peeled for Grey Herons with orange colour-rings on in the near future!

Brown Rat - Rattus norvegicus

A few of these heaviliy victimised but gorgeous rodents have been visiting the feeding station. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning about some of their behavioural antics. They are amazing to watch as the adult sounds out whether it is safe to come out of cover then watching the four youngsters gingerly visit the seed underneath the table!

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