Friday, 15 January 2010

3 Suprises!

Ockford Fruit Farm Ringing
Conditions looked perfect but sadly never produced large numbers of any species, several Fieldfares, and a few more finches. But the orchard was to host the first suprise of the day...another Mistle Thush and my second in two weeks!

Arlington Reservoir
The second suprise of the day was at the reservoir, I popped in on my way back from ringing to see if it was still frozen, it wasn't and as a result there were lots of ducks all over the place. I did manage to finally pick something good up today in the form of 2 female Goosander! Also managed a clean sweep of all five British thrushes on the meadow area!

River Ouse - Lewes
The third and final suprise and personally my best of the three was this Common Seal which had made his/her way up the River Ouse and decided that the boating jetty was as good a place as any for a snooze! (See pics above)

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